Friday, December 4, 2009

Over and done with

My day is over! I am so sad : ( Everything was wonderful and great and perfect and even though it was cold enough to freeze the end of my nose (and a few other places) I think everyone had a good time! My wedding was so beautiful - short and sweet, but I remember every bit of it and I loved it. The groom and his men looked so handsome, my bridesmaids so beautiful. The reception wasn't a blur, either - I think I talked to almost everyone, but didn't get to say goodbye to hardly anybody. The band and the wine were a hit, as were the soups and sandwiches...Anna fixed me a plate and rather loudly and somewhat forcibly ordered me to sit down and eat (thanks, Anna), so I got to taste the crab bisque...mmmm...and the philly cheesesteak sandwiches...mmmm. Oh, and the ham on sweet potato biscuits - right on. I froze to death in my halter dress, but it was pretty so who cares? Mom gave me a wrap to wear over my shoulders, so that helped some - if I went outside I made a beeline straight for the fire pits....ah, warmth. But finally we changed and I had to take the dress off : ( We got pelted - PELTED, I say! - with birdseed, and I think I know who smacked me in the face with a bucketful of it and they better be glad they're in Iowa : ) So, I'm still finding birdseed all in my car and several other places... We did manage to go out after leaving the reception. I thought I would be able to sneak in unnoticed - no such thing, we got an announcement and some very loud applause, and I know the people in there who didn't know us were like "Who the h*ll are these people?" But, most of my friends came out and we stayed at Sports Break for a while and then we all ended up going to Stokie's to see the Medallions, so it was a fun night. Matt and I got a room at the Fairfield Marriott - very, very nice, even if it was a bit pricey...well, I guess it was Thanksgiving weekend. We did manage to make it to brunch at his parents' house the next morning, so we were able to talk more with his family - most of them I had never met, so it was nice to finally meet all these people I hear about! And then of course we had to stay and watch the Clemson/Carolina game, so we went to Barry and Cecilia's for that - it was great hanging out with them, but that's all I'll say about that game. Then, it was to the mountains and an amazing four days! We bought an antique china cabinet, ate lots and lots of good food and drank lots and lots of good wine, built fires and watched The Office (which we bought on DVD, then had to go buy a DVD player when we realized the one at the cabin was broken), bought some jams and jellies and cheeses, went fishing in the rain (yes, he had me traipsing around that mountain, up and down slippery slopes and through brush and was fun), drove to Asheville and Hendersonville, even got some Christmas shopping done. All in all, it was hard coming back to the real world and our disaster-relief-declared home...but we were ready, ready to get going on our life together - and getting organized.

Wish us luck!

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