Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I guess it will hit me eventually that I am getting married in 2 days? Hit me like a ton of bricks, right to the side of the face...a firm nudge would do : )

But...major excitement over the next couple of days! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am always so thankful for the blessings God has bestowed upon me - family galore, too many friends to count, good food, more possessions than I need, a roof over my head - the list goes on and on! I love this time of year, and even with my chaotic life, I have still managed to enjoy it all. I am so looking forward to tomorrow, because Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays, and not only will I be surrounded by familiar family and friends, but there will be new faces, as well! I am ready to meet all of my new family and for them to meet my family - it's just gonna be one big crazy mess and I love it!

Still a lot to do today and tomorrow. Tanning bed, Walmart (yuck!) for prescriptions (which I almost forgot about!) and groceries, nails perhaps, I need to pack, go home and try on the dress and whatnot, make deviled eggs and the corn, finish packing and cleaning my bathroom...and what I really need is SLEEP!

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