Friday, August 27, 2010

Mountain time and moving

We are headed to the mountains this weekend! Matt is finally off on a Saturday, so we are taking Jon and going to Saluda tonight to Sunday. Tubing and fishing are probably on the menu for tomorrow and I just discovered a jazz band will be playing at The Purple Onion tomorrow night, so I can imagine we will take advantage of that! Not that we need an excuse to eat at the The Purple Onion! I want to take a looksie around the shops, as well - gotta do that! I promised Matt I wouldn't buy another china cabinet, though...definitely cannot afford one at this moment! But, I am looking forward to some mountain time, even if all I do is sit on the front porch - after I dust it off, I'm sure. Uncle Monty, Sheldon, and Rachel have been there for 3 weeks, so we will see how the house is holding up... Mom and the aunts took Grandma up for a day this week and I know she thoroughly enjoyed that - she does love going "home"! And it was probably extra-special, considering her stay in NHC and recent health problems - anything to get out and get away to one of her favorite places (Montana being first, I'd imagine...)! On Sunday I want to visit Asheville and have lunch at Barley's - mmmm, such good pizza!

Camille has moved into Clemson! So hard to believe that my baby sister is a freshman in college! I think Mom has held up fairly well - she has grandbabies, now, of course! Camille rushed for a sororiety and got into Zeta - I think she is thrilled! Such fun she will have...

Our roommates are finally moving out within the next weeks. Jon is headed to Florida, to be near his daughter, and Daniel will be just up the road, moving in with a friend. I am so ready to have my house back! Not that having two extra guys and all their stuff isn't fun and all... It will just be nice to have the space to spread out - I'm tired of being crammed into one or two rooms! Matt is all excited about his "man cave" we are turning the back bedroom into - basically, this is where the big couch and entertainment center with all his video game things and whatnot will go...good way to get it all out of the way! The second extra bedroom will stay a bedroom, but I plan to move the majority of my clothes and other things into it - yay, more space! It is all very exciting...

Larryn and Isaac are moving back! YAY!!! They both got jobs with John Deere in Augusta and last weekend they bought a house in Thomson, GA, right outside of Augusta near the plant. It is an old farmhouse with barns and a pond and acreage, and I think they are just really, really happy with how things have turned out - I know we are! Larryn and Mary Ellis will come down toward the end of Sept. and Isaac arrives the following weekend! The movers are to arrive on Sept. 21 to drop everything off, and since Larryn starts work the very next day, Eliza and I and possibly others are going to help her unpack - how fun! I cannot wait to see the house and land and hang with my sweet Mary Ellis, Perrin, and Sawyer - and my sisters, of course : ) Mom will arrive that next day to stay and keep Mary Ellis while Larryn is at work the rest of the week.

Big things happening!