Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's going on, Microsoft?

So, to whom do I direct my complaints per Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Hotmail/etc. ? Rather, whom do I complain to and KNOW that what I am saying is getting through? Sigh. I'm afraid there is no one. Okay, here's the deal. Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar corporation - software, technology, internet, programs, whatever - this is what they do - so, why can't they do it RIGHT?!? Hello, Bill Gates, are you out there? Why is it that every time I try to connect to my Hotmail, I get a "cannot connect to Windows Live Hotmail" message? What is up with that? And how come I am always getting "Internet Explorer has encountered an error" messages that ultimately lead to my internet being shut down? What's going on? I mean, is Microsoft so overwhelmed that they cannot produce and/or run their products correctly? I am seriously considering switching to Mozilla Firefox b/c IE has become such a pain. I already have several email accounts so I will stick it out w/Hotmail for right now, but COME ON! What is the deal? It's not like you don't have thousands of people working for you - have you become such a big head that you don't care about your products anymore, you just mass produce and slap an outrageous price tag on it, knowing that people will buy? WTF?

Of course, the problem COULD be that at work, our IE is more than likely outdated b/c it's like a Nazi regime here when it comes to IT, so no dowloading updates, etc. w/out permission and they don't seem to think those sorts of things are important...that could be the issue here...

But still...Microsoft could do OH SO MUCH BETTER! Seriously...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Continue to keep my sweet niece Ellie in your thoughts and prayers. My sister and b-i-l meet with the specialists again today and find our more info on Ellie's condition - I think they get the results from her blood test back, as well, so they will know more about this metabolic disorder. They are still feeling sucker-punched, I think, but Larryn and Isaac are very disciplined and they have great faith that God is in control - little Ellie will be just fine (and so will they)! She'll just be a vegeterian, more than likely... I lament the steak and cheese she will miss out on, but, hey, that stuff isn't all that good for you anyway!

Plus, she has red hair so that just makes her a-okay : )