Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Feeling Beachy!

The beach was wonderful! I still can't believe it's over and I'm home : ( We missed Larryn and Isaac, but were full to bursting even without their added numbers - we will have to rent a mansion next year! What with the addition of 2 little ones and all : ) I think we all missed Holden, but enjoyed Surfside...not too busy, which we like, but still lots to do - hey, it's Myrtle Beach! Plenty of sun, sand, and water. We really enjoyed having a pool, b/c some days you just don't want to do the beach. The little ones definitely loved the pool - Livie jumped right in with those swimmies (and probably would have even without them). Perrin started walking - shaky, but getting there. William jabbered the entire time - who knows what he's saying? It's cute, whatever it is! Sallie and Matt came with us, of course, and on Tuesday Sam showed up! Mom and Dad decided to return Upstate for a funeral and they brought him back with them. So, there were 15 of us, I believe? Three being under the age of 2...a bit hectic, at times, but we're used to that! So, all I can say is...when are we going back????

Suppertime - kind of crazy at times

Mom and Dad

The "big kids" got to go out while Nana & Papa babysat!
All the boys (minus Sam) by the pool - we need sun!
Willie hanging out

Matt, William, and Me

Coaxing Livie into her swimmies
She's a great swimmer!
Livie and Becca - we loved the pool

Perrin and Eliza headed to the beach
Cutesie-pie loved the beach!

Camille and Sallie, our bathing beauties

Nana and Perrin
Matt and Livie playing - they dug up a crab!

Sweet girl - not so into the beach, especially the ocean

William waking up from an ocean-side nap

Perrin and Camille taking a break in the air-conditioning!