Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb." It is the last day of March - has this come to pass? I'm not seeing any lambs - but, I suppose the weather hasn't been too liony lately. So, does this mean that "April showers will bring May flowers"? Probably - more like "March showers."

My obsession is beginning to haunt my dreams. What obsession? Oh, just NCIS, the best show ever. I do love it. But, I've been having some dreams that border on bad lately, and my lightbulb moment was in figuring out it's probably because of my 3-hour-5-day-a-week NCIS marathons. Like, last night I was in some sort of war game dream, and the other day NCIS was playing war games - creepy. Perhaps I should lay off? Nah... That's like saying lay off Harry Potter or something - not gonna happen.

Well, married life is great. The roommates are not. Yes, I am a newlywed with roommates. Yes, I am not happy about it. Are they leaving soon? Fingers crossed. I get my first big paycheck this Friday and Matt's finally getting paid, so we'll see what our financial future holds. But - they will be leaving as soon as possible. Nothing against them, I want my house back and I want my house for just my husband and me - plus, I need those rooms they're in!

I graduate in May and I am sooooo excited! Looking forward to a degree and no school for a while; not looking forward to paying those loans off. Bummer. I'll be paying up and out and everything in between for the next 50 years.