Monday, November 23, 2009

4 more days 'til Friday!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! JK. I am SUPER EXCITED about it all!!! Not counting today, I have 4 days to go until the BIG day! Yowza...that is just plain crazy! Frankly, I'm surprised I even remember what day it is, much less what I have done/have to do. This weekend was spent packing and moving. My honey is the BEST because he moved all my heavy stuff while I packed my life away into boxes. Of course, now his dining room looks like a tornado threw up in it... At least my clothes are unpacked, so I have something to wear this week. His closet is all neat and clean, now, his stuff on one side, mine on the other...and what a job that was! I still don't know where my jewelry is, nor many other things...kind of disconcerting. This week I have to: meet with my wedding planner; try on my dress again with all the fixins (perhaps I should say stuff myself into all the fixins); tan; get the rest of my stuff out of the apt.; clean the apt.; keep unpacking and putting away, cleaning, etc.; make deviled eggs and creamed corn for Thanksgiving; mail in my stuff for my teacher certification; pick up our wedding bands; keep going to work (blah); and I would say "school" but I gave up on that 2 weeks ago - who cares right now? I'll pick it back up next week, when the honeymoon's over : ) it Saturday, the day after the wedding, yet? ; )

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Rachel and Scott said...

Wow! It sure snuck up fast!! I wish you the very best. I *totally* understand the moving, packing, cleaning right before the wedding (Scott didn't want me to pay rent one moment longer than necessary) but I did NOT combine it with a major holiday!!! Good luck and looking forward to the pictures and stories!