Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moving right along

According to my Belk registry, I have 30 days to go, I think? Wedding dress - check. Wedding shoes - check. Bridal portraits - check. Undergarments to stuff myself into - check, check, check. Gifts galore - too many checks to count. Guys' suits - check (well, except for the slight pleated and cuffs vs. flat and straight mishap - at least only 2 need to be exchanged!). Invitations sent - check. Cake - check. Groom's cake - in the works (it's a surprise!). Programs - in the works. Food - in the works. My stress level - in the works...

Anyway...much has been done, much yet to do. What laptop is ruined - oops. Good thing Meg is letting me use hers, even if it is the size of a portable DVD player. Matt's parents are back from Pittsburgh, very very happy about that : ) His sister had her baby last week, a little girl, Genevieve. Very French - and of course Matt says "She stole my first choice for a girl." What, what??!! I have never heard any mention of a Genevieve before now! Men. I'm about to pay my last month's rent in the apt - well, except for those stupid 4 days we have to pay for in December, since apparently our apartments take a 40 day instead of a 30 day notice? What is that? But still - last month's rent, whoop-whoop!

It's all coming together...and I must thank Mom for that - and all the aunts and hosts and whomever else has helped, b/c where would I be w/out them? Getting married at the court house, that's where.

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In My Tennis Shoes said...

Mollie, you are so on the ball! I was looking at all your "checks" and realized i have so far to go.... ahhh!!