Thursday, October 8, 2009

Much ado about...

Everything... Wedding, school, work - you know, the usual! Had to get my car's heating/cooling unit fixed last week, and now something else seems to be wrong with it...of course there, must get that taken care of before the old warranty runs out! The man I love left my laptop out in the rain on Sunday - ALL NIGHT LONG, I might add - you know, during all that torrential rain we had that day and discovery of it Monday morning almost gave me a heart attack. Still letting it dry out, we can only hope it's not fried because what the heck am I supposed to do if it is? Buying a new one costs $$$ - and, yes, I realize computers have come down from $1000 to $600, but $600 is still too much for this poor gal! Trying to remember to keep up with my schoolwork, which has suddenly become much harder without a computer of my own...typing up a paper at 7 o'clock at night at the hospital just isn't high on my list of things I enjoy doing. Still wedding planning...leaving it up to Mom, mostly, but I have my duties : ) Right now I'm on the hunt for dark brown suits for my groomsmen and my hubby-to-be...preferrably cheap. Trying to gather the courage to vigorously clean out Matt's house...and begin packing and moving my own things. This past weekend in NC was a respite...I got to see my Ellie girl!!! And Larryn and Isaac and the rest of my fam, too, of course. Mary Ellis is just so beautiful and all she does is smile and laugh! She was completely man-handled the entire weekend and I never heard her cry once...such a good girl! All my nieces and nephews are brilliant...FYI.

Is it December, yet?? : )

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