Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

So, I cannot believe that Christmas has already come and gone! Eeeek! I love the Holidays and am always sad to see them go...but, take heart, for there is still the New Year to celebrate! And birthday!! More and more and more fun, fun, fun...I hope : ) I do have a few pictures to post from our recent Christmastime festivities. Oh, and there is another niece/nephew on the way!! My sister and brother-in-law in Iowa announced Christmas morning that she is due in July!! Yay!! Bring on the kiddies...

And just in case you don't fully realize what all Christmas with my family entails, here is a brief synopsis...Christmas morning - "Santa" gifts at Mom and Dad's, then breakfast...lunch at the Big House with Dad's side of the family, gifts...this year Matt and I headed to his parents' house between lunch and supper...supper at the Big House with Mom's side of the family, gifts and Christmas play. I take off the day after because I need a full day to recover, but this year we also did family Christmas the night of the 26th, so more gifts and food and fun...whew!

Mom, a.k.a "Nana Claus," cooking and cleaning on Christmas morning
My newly-pregnant sister, Larryn, and our new nephew, William

I got to wake up my cute-as-a-button nephew, Perrin, that morning

Funny Livie doing "Ho-Ho-Ho"

Baby William doing what he does best
Mollie and her sweet baby Cade

Camille and Larryn at "The Big House" for lunch

Cousins Amelia and Keryn

Matt's brother-in-law, Jeff, and nephew, Max

My cousin, Silas, was Santa highwater pants

My cousin, Silas; my brother, Eli; my cousin, Sam

Mom and Dad and Perrin

My sister, Becca, and my niece, Livie - who absolutely loves kitty-cats

Mollie and Matt and Isaac's "thumbs-up"

Eli, Camille with William, Becca, and Jay

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