Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Highlights

This is us pre-Olympics on Thursday night, having a little wine after gorging at Santa Fe! We watched Willow – classic.

Yay! Ringing in the 2012 Olympics with Alana on Friday night. No shepherd’s pie or “bangers and mash”, I’m afraid, but we did concoct (and drink) these with Olympic spirit!

I couldn’t bring myself to go for the chamomile tea and gin showcased as the “official” drink of the 2012 London games – I get it, the Brits are obsessed with tea and gin was the staple of many a Londoner during the Industrial Age and beyond – I get it, but I will not partake. Gin – yuck.

So, no British fare, only some good grilling! We were almost rained out, but I think we finally ate around 11:30pm. Always thankful for the rain, but I sure built up an appetite waiting for the storms to pass so we could light the charcoal and cook up the kabobs! They were delicious and I’m still eating leftovers.

We enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies, although I think we missed the most spectacular parts at the end because Matt changed the channel when he got home and we forgot to change it back after he left the room. Oh, well, thank goodness for highlights and re-runs! Been enjoying Olympic events all weekend, although I missed most of them on Saturday night since Perrin stayed with us and we watched a Scooby-Doo movie, instead...and also I fell asleep during the gymnastics Sunday night.


Perrin Spends the Night
Our 4-year-old nephew, Perrin, spent the night with us on Saturday night! It was the first time he stayed overnight with us – actually, the first of any of the nieces and nephews to do so! It was great and he was wonderful.

• He said “I think you got a new house!” when he first walked in (I rearranged my living room last weekend). So observant!!
• I gave him a “spend the night present”, a new flashlight that came with a little keychain flashlight – we all know how much he loves flashlights, so if him saying “this is the best flashlight” and carrying it around with him all night and even sleeping with it was any indication, I’d say he loved it.
• He asked me why my bathtub was so dirty – “Did someone throw dirt in your bathtub? That wasn’t very nice, was it?” Ha! Time to clean the bathtub... Again, so observant!
• We watched Wall-E in bed, falling asleep to it, which is rare, because he usually stays awake for movies! I’m sure it had something to do with the time being 11:30pm... Poor Uncle Matt slept on the couch...
• He woke me twice talking in his sleep! Just like Eliza...
• He helped me scramble the eggs on Sunday morning; actually, he did most of it by himself...those were some good eggs! He ate his share, although he didn’t want anything to do with the bacon or the toast with thanks, he said, I’m eating my eggs.

I love my P!

Sunday Worship and Blair’s Dedication
We attended New Covenant on Sunday morning for Blair’s Dedication service. What a pretty baby she is! I wish I had a picture of her in her dress...beautiful! This dedication service in no way “saved” these children, only they can make the decision to follow Christ when the time comes, but it served as a reminder to the parents and to the friends and family of these children of how important it is to bring them up in Christian homes and to teach them the ways of God.

The sermon was on the power of words. Our sermon last Sunday at Mountville Baptist was on the same thing – the tongue and the words we say. Christians need constant reminders about this very active part of us! The tongue has the power to do good or bad and what we say has lasting impact. Think before you speak, because once spoken, words cannot be taken back. Having said that, God wants us to use our words for His glory – remember, we are ambassadors for Christ and everything we do or say represents Him!

More Grillin’ and Laziness
Having successfully charcoal-grilled on Friday night, I was in the mood to try again on Sunday for supper, this time craving a big, juicy burger! Success again and, boy, were they good! Almost too good...I should have left that 2nd one for lunch today, but managed to pick at it as the evening wore on until I felt sickly full. At any rate, I was very proud of myself for having lit the charcoal for the 2nd time in a few days...hey, this is a big thing for me! Usually I have the pre-soaked charcoal that will light if you breathe hot on it, but this time I had to use the chimney and start from “scratch”! Matt sliced his big toe open on Saturday night, so he was more than willing to let me handle it all...

And speaking of his toe, hopefully it won’t fall off, because that would be expensive...

I spent most of Sunday enjoying my crossword puzzles and just being lazy, then falling asleep to swimming and gymnastics. Maybe I’ll go the gym and wash those clothes today (Monday)...

What a Deal!
I’ve been debating the purchase of a cover for my Kindle. Amazon has several, of course, ranging from ~$10.00-$50.00. I was willing to spend a little extra for the built-in light, but the reviews said Kindles were shorting out with the lighted model – urm... Enter Big Lots, where I found this for only $5.00! It will definitely do, for now!

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