Friday, May 7, 2010


Today is Graduation Day! I'm not walking and I'll be at work around 3:00 pm when my college graduates, but it still counts! I'm kind of bummed because I won't get my actual diploma for a few more months - dang. I was ready to frame that baby! And my Lander diploma...where is that thing anyway? I am pretty excited about finishing up, though. I had a job opportunity here at work and so I decided to go ahead and graduate with just my Master's degree, dropping the school media certification for now. I plan to enroll in the Specialist Program and I will have 6 years to complete that degree, if I wish. more school for now! Awesome.

Sam and Sallie graduate from PC this weekend - Silas graduates from Anderson! Congrats to everyone! And Camille graduates from Clinton High in a few weeks - oh my, that's just crazy! The baby...

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In My Tennis Shoes said...

yaye!! Congrats to all the Graduates!