Thursday, February 19, 2009

Saluda, here we come!

We are headed to the mountains! Time to smoosh in like sardines...for real. I love the mountain house, but we're running out of space! Matt said "No thanks" to the invite, citing the obvious as his reason - no room! He doesn't relish sleeping on a cot and/or in the middle of the floor...I don't blame him. I guess we're just used to it? Pack 'em in, that's what we do best! It will be fun times, though...the girls are headed to Asheville and the Biltmore House tomorrow and the boys are looking for some skiing fun...Dad says he will stay behind and work on the basement, b/c - you guessed it - we need MORE SPACE! The Biltmore House will be wonderful, I adore going there and it's been almost 2 years since my last visit = ( Plus, I get to spend all this quality time with the little ones...wouldn't pass that up for a million! I'm sure I will have something hysterical to post about Livie...she's always doing something funny! And Perrin...his army crawl rocks, he can get around faster than I can! William's still a sleeper...but a cute one!

TaTa, for now...

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